Carta para Host Family!

Olá amores! Estou aqui para deixar mais uma ajudinha para vocês! Vou colocar a minha carta para Host Family aqui abaixo! Eu sei que ela provavelmente não está perfeita, mas eu fiz com muito carinho! E sei o quanto é difícil fazer, eu pesquisei muito e li muitas cartas de outras meninas antes de fazer a minha, então espero que isso ajude vocês!

Ps: Ela está no modelo já revisada pela APIA, parágrafos e outras coisas!

Dear future Host Family, 
Thank you for your interest in my application, and also to give the opportunity to girls like me to have the chance to realize our dreams. My name is Luana, I’m from Brazil. 

I was born in São Paulo, and this is where I currently live. São Paulo is a very busy city and at any time there are things for you to do, like going to parks, theaters, cinemas, malls and museums. 

I live in an apartment since I was 10 years in a large condominium, so I had a lot of contact with children and loved spending the day playing with them, play on the sports court or games room and playground. I always had easily to make friends and relate me to other kids

My parents are separated since I was 15 years old, but they get along well, and this is not a problem for me. Today I live with my mother Meire (55) and I’ve a great relationship with her, she’s a wonderful person, very strong and brave, she works as a technique in gastronomy and we love to cook together.  Continuar lendo