Carta para Host Family!

Olá amores! Estou aqui para deixar mais uma ajudinha para vocês! Vou colocar a minha carta para Host Family aqui abaixo! Eu sei que ela provavelmente não está perfeita, mas eu fiz com muito carinho! E sei o quanto é difícil fazer, eu pesquisei muito e li muitas cartas de outras meninas antes de fazer a minha, então espero que isso ajude vocês!

Ps: Ela está no modelo já revisada pela APIA, parágrafos e outras coisas!

Dear future Host Family, 
Thank you for your interest in my application, and also to give the opportunity to girls like me to have the chance to realize our dreams. My name is Luana, I’m from Brazil. 

I was born in São Paulo, and this is where I currently live. São Paulo is a very busy city and at any time there are things for you to do, like going to parks, theaters, cinemas, malls and museums. 

I live in an apartment since I was 10 years in a large condominium, so I had a lot of contact with children and loved spending the day playing with them, play on the sports court or games room and playground. I always had easily to make friends and relate me to other kids

My parents are separated since I was 15 years old, but they get along well, and this is not a problem for me. Today I live with my mother Meire (55) and I’ve a great relationship with her, she’s a wonderful person, very strong and brave, she works as a technique in gastronomy and we love to cook together. 

My father’s name is Francisco(50) he has a car repair shop, and we have lunch together almost every day, we have an amazing relationship and it’s the most fun guy that I know.I have a sister Evelyn she’s 10 years older than me and she’s a nurse and my best friend. 

She’s married and lives in the same apartment complex and she has a daughter, my niece Giulia she’s has 10 years, I helped take care of her since she was 2 years old and we love to do things together, I have a dog his name is Luck and he’s my passion. My family supports me a lot and are very happy with my decision.

In my free time I hanging out with my friends and my family, we always go to the movies and the theater, I take my niece to make many kinds of activities, like going to the circus, museums and malls and love going to amusement parks together. 

I often have lunch every Sunday with my family all together and is great fun! Whenever possible I also like to travel, meet new cultures and new places. I like to ride a bike and go swimming. I love going to church and I always will 2 times per week and it is something very important to me.

I love reading, especially foreign literature books, because I believe it’s a great way to learn new cultures and customs of certain countries. I doing crafts and draw I think it’s very relaxing and a great way to express my creativity. 

I love driving, I’m a very responsible and careful driver and I never got involved in any accident and never committed an infraction.

When I finished high school I did a technical course in Performing Arts, because I always enjoyed theater and cultural activities, after that I started in College of Degree in Letters with specialization in Portuguese and English languages.

I did a year and a half, but I stopped at the end of last year to devote myself to the process of being Au Pair. When I return to Brazil, I intend to start a new college in the course of publishing, because my dream is to work in a book publisher.

One of the things I liked to do was work giving bakery classes in a course, it was great fun and we always did new things, I worked as a receptionist in a gym, and also worked with my father in the administrative part. 

About my experiences with children, I did babysitter for my friends and neighbors, I took care of the daughter of a friend when she was 2 to 5 years, her name is Nahdine, I bathed, preparing lunch, playing, help with homework and gave medication and we had a great time together,

I did volunteer work at a Day care centre in my area where I helped the teachers and played with the kids, diaper change, bath and feed,I helped take care of about 20 children with aged 2 to 5 years.

I helped my sister to take care of my niece since she was 2 years old, but it was when she was 5 years I really took care of her, to my sister go to work.Currently still help to take care of my niece every day and keep doing volunteer work with children in organizations in my area.

I decided to be Au Pair because I saw it, as an opportunity to realize my dream of know the USA and its culture, and still have a unique experience and working with children it is something I love to do, and of course improve my English. 

I believe to be a great opportunity to purchase a great experience of life, and be able to live and study in your country will be a great advantage for my future career, I’m a very patient and determined person, and I like to learning new things and I’m very organized. 

I want to do my best work, I really want to make the difference in your kid’s life! I’m very excited to be part of your family, I know that we will have an amazing experience together and I can’t wait to meet them and share with you a little of my culture.

I look forward to you to choose me and contact me so that we can know each other better! I know it will be a great journey!

My best wishes.
Luana Anjos.

Então pessoal espero que isso ajude vocês a ter idéias sobre as suas cartas! Qualquer duvida só comentar! Bjinhoos!


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